„Obiektyw aparatu fotograficznego, jak oko mitycznego cyklopa, jest wszechwidzące: ukazuje nam cały, bogaty świat, staje się naszym własnym okiem, wzbogaca umysł, bawi, uczy i zadziwia.” - Henryk Latoś


edit me challenge

...I've decided to try some photo edit challenge. EMC week 8
Here is the oryginal photo:

...and my edit:

1. cropping; 2. exposure, fill ligt, brightenss, contrast, clarity, vibrance and saturation correction; 3. add sky (paste from one of my photos); 4. skin tone correction; 5. photo filter layer

5 komentarze:

k*handtke 25 lutego 2012 23:26  

The colors of the photograph are so soft and pretty. I also saw the photos you have posted of your town... it is beautiful. I like the photo with the "in love" padlocks!

Heather 26 lutego 2012 02:04  

I really love this, the sky looks gorgeous and the colors look great everything looks great in this edit.

Bree 27 lutego 2012 20:55  

Love, love, love. The tones are amazing.

Branson 28 lutego 2012 00:10  

Very sweet edit! Looks like an illustration!

Marty Mason 28 lutego 2012 23:13  

Beautiful edit....love it!


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