edit me challenge

...I've decided to try some photo edit challenge. EMC week 8
Here is the oryginal photo:

...and my edit:

1. cropping; 2. exposure, fill ligt, brightenss, contrast, clarity, vibrance and saturation correction; 3. add sky (paste from one of my photos); 4. skin tone correction; 5. photo filter layer

5 komentarzy:

k*handtke pisze...

The colors of the photograph are so soft and pretty. I also saw the photos you have posted of your town... it is beautiful. I like the photo with the "in love" padlocks!

Heather pisze...

I really love this, the sky looks gorgeous and the colors look great everything looks great in this edit.

Bree pisze...

Love, love, love. The tones are amazing.

Branson pisze...

Very sweet edit! Looks like an illustration!

Marty Mason pisze...

Beautiful edit....love it!

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